The expected scenarios for the development of mining machines

Very often in the media, particularly on television, we can see huge excavating equipment operating in opencast pits all over the world. Enormous earthmoving machinery penetrating the tons of rock materials to carry to the surface the riches from beneath the level of the ground.
Although Polish equipment is broadly employed in mines, it is not the situation that Polish manufacturers have a monopoly on supplying local mines.


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mining machines

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Nevertheless, we give the choice of equipment features to miners. Each machine working on the outgrowth is an expense of many dozen million zlotys for the pit, but once in numerous years.

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The requirement of the future is to succeed the miners, in their most dangerous and exhausting work in opencast and underground mines, mining machines with AI. These are supposed to be mining machines that listen, observe and feel, and so self-drilling and self-guidinh, with only essential human intervention. The absolute demand to increment the safety, availability and productivity of mining machinery and instruments employed in extensive and complicated mining and transport systems of openpit mines reqUEsts remote control of machines or even the autonomy of their operation. This is specially true for those regions of the world where there are obstacles in involve professionals to work in the opencast mine (mine drill) due to its position away from human neighborhood and in a weather that is unfavorable to human beings.

Currently, opencast mines are the most progressive in the implementation of full automation, steadily evolving into autonomous operation of mining machines.